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What is the Great Gatherings kickoff party on 2024 Date TBD?
This adults-only event kicks off the 2024-2025 season of gatherings. It is your first chance to sign up for gatherings and it includes a silent auction, wine pull, food, drinks, and a chance to build community. It's the biggest party of the year!


What is a gathering?
A gathering is an event, party, lesson, or unique experience generously donated and hosted by members of the Nova community. Gatherings build community and raise funds for the Nova PTO. Hosting and attending gatherings is the best way to support NPTO!

Who are gatherings for?
Everybody! Depending on how the host chooses to set up a gathering, it can be just kids, just adults, or whole families.

What are some examples of past gatherings?

  • A complimentary Barre exercise class followed by Mimosas
  • A fun family Tae Kwon Do class
  • Wine and tapas on the host’s patio
  • Murder mystery game night
  • Parents-only rock climbing class
  • Ladies’ cocktail party
  • Lower School slumber party

Can I host an event with another Nova family?
Yes! Gatherings are often hosted by multiple families (co-sponsored).

How does attending the 2024 Great Gatherings event help the Nova PTO? Attending the event, buying wine at the Grapes of Math wine pull, bidding on auction items and supporting other gatherings all help to NPTO directly support Nova Classical Academy.

I've heard about the “Grapes of Math." What is it?
The Grapes of Math is a wine pull at the Great Gatherings event. If you pay $11 toward a bottle of wine, you will get at least a $11 bottle. But you could instead get a bottle worth much more in value, up to a $75 bottle of wine! (The math reference is because sometimes the math works in your favor and sometimes you break even, but you can’t lose!)

As a Nova parent, I know my goal is to volunteer 20 hours during the school year. How does Great Gatherings help me achieve this goal?

  • Volunteer at the party and earn two for one volunteer hours! We need your help cleaning up, serving drinks, or tending the fire pit, for example. There are many easy and fun ways to pick up some volunteer hours at the even, particularly if you're already there! 
  • If you host a gathering, you automatically satisfy your 20-hour commitment.
  • If you donate a bottle of wine, $11 worth of donation = 1 hour of volunteer time. (So a $44 bottle is worth 4 hours.)

If I don’t attend the kickoff party, can I still host a gathering and purchase tickets to future gatherings?

Yes! Fill out the following forms to host an event or donate an item. Gathering and silent auction purchases will be available online. More information to come.


Want to attend the Great Gatherings 2024 kickoff party? Find more info here